One Minute Battle

bruise like a black blue rose and he
can barely see
white and swollen
lily again

the bandages pressed to the cut
her eyes shut
bleak sand crunching
cornea in

her mother will fear the worst an
un-found scar a
permanent girl
yet boy fists whirled

Jessie Carty’s writing has appeared in publications such as, MARGIE, decomP and Connotation Press. She is the author of two poetry chapbooks At the A & P Meridiem (Pudding House 2009) and The Wait of Atom (Folded Word 2009) as well as a full length poetry collection, Paper House (Folded Word 2010). Jessie teaches at RCCC in Concord, NC. She is also the photographer and editor for Referential Magazine. She can be found around the web, especially here, where she blogs about everything from housework to the act of blogging itself.