Time Keeping

I see you hiding in your clock
your children at six and seven
your wife at nine

you stay centered
your arms are long enough
to tick & touch each one in turn
I see you

& my ear whispers
that your heart at rest
+++++on a drunken bench
took the rhythm of your touch

I see you
++++++++the glass you put up
only protects you & yours
from sunburn

and my wobbly gnomon
is imperceptibly wrong
except when it’s right

I see you

Elizabeth Kate Switaj’s first book, Magdalene & the Mermaids was published in 2009 by Paper Kite Press. She has also published a chapbook, The Broken Sanctuary: Nature Poems, with Ypolita Press. She is currently an Editorial Assistant for Irish Pages: A Journal of Contemporary Writing, and a doctoral candidate at Queen’s University Belfast. For more information go here.