when it’s just spring: two sestinas

when it’s just / spring
++green / leaves peeking budding
++++from the tips of tree-
++++++fingers left
brown by frost that’s left / just
++++now, when each tree
++++++stands brown & bursting spring
++++++++beneath its brownness, budding / green
beneath brown revealing green
++that left / with winter’s budding
++++frost & when it’s just / spring
++++++days rising earlier over tree-
tops the sun itself a tree / that rises golden rays branching over green
++++& marks spring / with early beams & nights left / just
++++++as they were budding

just spring budding / driving flowers birds trees
++us crazy just / spring green
++++& robins in nesting-ground battles right & left
++++++driving out doves & cowing to mockingbirds that spring
from heights like gerberas who spring / budding
++in blooming-ground battles of their own peering through mulch left
++++from last year’s planting & choking in dandelions & driving through tree
++++++roots little green / heads peering just
above the just / & level earth & ready to spring / green
++& budding / like the trees
++++that winter left

when it’s just / spring
++& me too much / inside sitting back to open
++++window muddy smell of rain
++++++or crisp smell of sun
tapping me on the shoulder & sun
++through the window screen just
++++reminding me of rain / & spring / with its wide open
++++++days too long too short too much
to be done too much / undone & the sun
++wide open
++++just / sunshine in spring
++++++or even rain
because even when it’s rain
++there’s so much
++++spring / reaching in & the sun
++++++tempting me just / to open
the door & wanting me to leave these things undone & walk shirt open
++in the rain / just / water & mud & then much
++++sun / in spring

& when I finally think I’ll spring / from this chair & open
++doors & stride headlong into sun / or rain
++++I know it’s much / too much to just
stay indoors & not just / spring
++myself not when there’s so much / open
++++outdoors & so much rain / & sun
& spring

Troy Urquhart is the author of Springtime Sea Bathing (Greying Ghost, 2010), the editor of Willows Wept Review, and a contributor to Vouched Books. He teaches writing and American literature at Montverde Academy, where he serves as Director of Professional Development. Find him online, here.